We wholeheartedly thank all our partners for their support on our road to success. Without your engagement, achieving our goals would be exceptionally difficult.

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MINISTERSTWO SPORTU i TURYSTYKI is our Federation's primary financial source and has consistently provided annual grants to cover the expenses of the softball and baseball national teams preparing for and playing in international tournaments. In addition, the Ministry has frequently offered constructive criticism and guidance and has recently begun an organized training program directed at improving the management of all the sports under the Ministry's care.


THE AMERICAN EMBASSY OF WARSAW shares our goal of growing baseball and softball in Poland. For the past several years, representatives from the Embassy have been present at national tournaments, new field openings and meetings with local government. The Embassy has supported efforts to find field locations and to get baseball/softball into schools. In addition, their Cultural section has been proactive in organizing American Sports events. We are optimistic this partnership will continue to grow and bear fruit.


LITTLE LEAGUE is the Polish branch of the worldwide organization aimed at providing baseball and softball playing opportunities for children. The Mała Liga office in Kutno is the headquarters for Europe, Middle East and Africa, making it one of the most important locations for our sport in this part of the world. For several years, Mała Liga has donated their fields for use in special PZBall events. And starting in 2017, Mała Liga and PZBall began cooperating on co-joined national championships, a partnership that both organizations hope to continue and expand upon going forward.


The Polish Baseball and Softball Foundation has the goal of assisting children with playing opportunities in Poland and abroad. One of the organization’s founders was instrumental in getting Poland back into Japan’s World Children’s Baseball Fair in 2016 after an extended absence. The foundation has also consistently made donations to the U12 national baseball team and has supported the sport in various ways.


SandBus  Firma świadcząca przewozy autokarowe krajowe i zagraniczne. Firma oferuje usługi przy realizacji zadań Kadr Narodowych.



Baseballoutlet Piotr Paskudzki - partner sportowy Polskiego Związku Baseballu i Softballu. W sezonie 2023-2024 wyłączny dostawca piłek do gry w baseball i softball, posiadający w ofercie własną linię piłek baseballu "GRYZZLI 100".