Bliższa współpraca z PNYBF


We are pleased to announce that the Polish Baseball & Softball Federation has broadened its cooperation with the Polish National Youth Baseball Fund (PNYBF). PNYBF has been supporting clubs in Poland for almost three decades, sending new and used baseball and softball equipment and uniforms from the U.S. to be distributed for free in Poland to kids in need.

Recently, the Federation has agreed with PNYBF to centralize the storage of shipments, to communicate more formally (and more consistently) with the Foundation, and to seek to more effectively spread the word of PNYBF’s support. Generous equipment sets – consisting of gloves, bats, helmets, balls, etc. – were recently distributed to a new club in Krosniewice (just outside of Kutno) and to Rawa Katowice’s softball program.

New packages of used equipment and clothing are arriving routinely. If you know of new clubs that can use help via donations of this type, please contact the Federation.

More information on the Foundation can be found at

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By Piotr apaj / Editor, bbp_participant on Aug 24, 2016